Water splash

They have turned on the fountain in front of my building which at least tells me we must not be expecting any more snow or temps below freezing!I love all the details of the water splashing and playing.

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The shore

Another view of the lake shore from Burlington. This time with a bonus wheatie-grassie-thingie! It's gotten warmer here in Toronto, but the skies are still gray and rainy. Let's hope we jump into summer soon.

I've still got some flowers to show you on my travel blog. Stop by and take a look.

Have another one

Second Cup is like the Canadian equivalent of Starbucks (although we have that too). There are outlets all over town, but this one happens to be in the food court of a shopping center not far from where I live. Some afternoons I stop by for a nice cappuccino and some people watching.

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New law?

New law number, same interpretation. There's no waste in Toronto!

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Another look at the pioneer cemetery on Yonge and Church street. I don't know if this wall was original or if they built it to keep the original stones standing, but it's quite a nice detail.

Flying high

Lake Ontario brings a lot of wind into Toronto. One advantage is it keeps the flags a-flying!

Park benches

This is probably a nice place for parents to rest and watch their kids. This park was very colorful and inviting. If it had been a bit warmer, I would have taken a spin on the swings myself!

Rocky shores

The rocky shoreline as seen from a park in Burlington. It reminds me of Nice.

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Building reflected

Another downtown reflection. I just can't get enough of these! I especially like this one because you can look through these windows and see the skylights in the atrium as well as the reflection of the condos across the street.

I'm off to Jackson this weekend for a dose of springtime (maybe even summer) weather. I'm looking forward to seeing friends and playing some golf. Hope you have a great weekend wherever you are! 

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Mr. Robin

Aren't these guys supposed to be a harbinger of spring? Keep on tweeting, Mr. Robin, keep on tweeting away!


Colorful details from a local park. Hope it gets sunny soon so the kids can come out to play!

Springy shot

This was a photo taken a few days ago when I thought spring was finally on its way. Then the snowstorm came this weekend. Let's hope brighter days are ahead!

Snow storm

We got SNOW again yesterday. I am seriously re-thinking this move to Toronto. When's spring coming?? At least I have a weekend in Jackson to look forward to!

Frog and firkin

This place has become our neighborhood pub for now. It's within walking distance from our temporary home and serves a nice variety of beers and food. But most importantly, they have trivia!

City cemetery

I can't find any information about this cemetery on the internet, but it is a very interesting site. an old cemetery right in the middle of downtown. The graves were not in great shape, but it was pretty amazing that they were still there even!

There was this plaque that gave a bit of additional info.

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Mel's bench

Mel Lastman was the longtime mayor of North York - the neighborhood in Toronto where I currently reside. Apparently he was quite the popular politician as he has a whole square and amphitheater named for him! He even has this lovely bench. Maybe I'll see him sitting here one day...

PS: Hope you got your taxes done!


I liked the design of this leasing/buying office. I'm not sure what the Pearl Condos are like, but the name sounds impressive at the very least!

Cultural differences

I know this isn't my most artistic shot, but buying milk in bags is something that really had me confused! Thanks to a fellow blogger and a recent trip to Starbucks (where we saw the milk bag jugs in action), we now know the proper way to store and pour milk. 

Step up

I love the shape of this building and all the different sized windows are a bonus! Hope you enjoy looking at it too.

The giant

For some reason I liked this sign. I think it's the cock. Hope your week is off to a good start!

Blue sky reflections

I think the sky looks even bluer reflected in this building than it does for real. Hope the skies are blue wherever you are!

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Black and white home

Wish it could be ours. We're not visiting any homes this weekend, there's not much interesting on the radar. Hopefully more things will become available for visiting next weekend.

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Sun reflections

A beautiful sunset from the sky. 

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Bunch of benches

One thing I can say about Toronto is they don't skimp on the seating! You can see at least seven benches in this photo, not to mention three picnic tables. And there were plenty more benches around this park too!


This was some sort of planter outside an office building. It has the names on Ontario towns listed on the spiraling metal. I thought it was sort of interesting. I bet it looks even better once things get a little green!

Look up!

Sadly we've been having a streak of gray skies here in Toronto. Not great times for photo taking, but I try. We're supposed to be getting some sun on Thursday, let's hope the weather forecasters are right!

Full time Canadian

It's not a great shot, but here's a view of downtown Toronto as seen from my flight in last Friday. I'm now a full-time (sort of) Canadian! So far, I'm loving it here. Now we just have to find a house. We had another round of visits this past weekend, but still nothing promising. Hopefully something will come open soon!

April theme day: Edges

When the two buildings in this photo come together, their edges create a third building in reflection. I love the effect.

To see more interpretations of today's theme, click here. I also have a bonus edge on my travel blog, stop by and take a look!
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