January theme day: Photo of the Year

Since I spent most of 2013 in Toronto, it only seems fair to choose a favorite shot from that city. This was a special winter shot from Niagara Falls taken in January 2013. Hope 2014 brings you continued good health, love and joy! For more photos of the year from around the world, click here.

PS: Don't forget to visit me at my new blog - Berlin 365.

Little birdie!

A fellow Toronto blogger, RedPat, introduced me to these cute, yellow birds and ever since I've been on the lookout for them! I found this one off McCaul Street, just south of the AGO. 

Although I'm still missing Toronto, things are looking up for me in Berlin. Although our hunt for a home is still ongoing, my husband and I joined a golf club this weekend (I guess you can see where our priorities lie! ) . You can keep up with all of my new adventures at Berlin 365. And don't forget to take a look at other murals from around the world at Monday Murals.


Here's another shot I took during my last days in Toronto. Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly where it was taken, but somewhere downtowny. I don't really know what it all means, but I find it rather whimsical and the bright colors are nice on the side of that dingy building. 

I've got a few more shots to showcase here, but I will mainly be posting on my Berlin Blog from now on. Please come and take a look! And you can see more murals at Monday Murals.

Last days in Toronto

Springtime in Australia was wonderful! I especially loved the warm weather in Queensland. It's back to real life now though. I came back to Toronto for a few days before making the big move to Germany, so I got a few last shots in. I'm not sure what there is to embrace in this space, but the sentiment in nice. For more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

You can also see my brand new Berlin blog here!

Bye bye!

It's off into the sunset for me! Before making the big move overseas, I will be spending some relaxing time on the beaches of Australia.

Be on the lookout for a new Berlin Daily Photo blog at the beginning of November. Although I will probably keep this blog up for awhile too since I've still got plenty of unshared shots. Until then, I may be posting sporadically on my travel blog, but it will depend on how the internet connections are in the "land down under" and how motivated I am to post! 

Ta ta for now and see you soon mates!

October theme day: Details

So this is what my house looked like yesterday just before the movers came and loaded it all up into the container. I can't believe my chapter in Canada is really coming to a close. It all seems a little unreal right now. Hope your month and week are off to a good start, for more interpretations of Details from around the world, click here.

Blown to the wind

I found this mural somewhere on Church street. I'm not sure what it's all about, but I do love the image of the woman and the boy blowing their wishes to the wind! A link to the artist's website is here. This will be my last mural posting for awhile, but not forever! Berlin also has plenty of wall art to share. Until then, enjoy the many murals at Monday Mural.

401 bridge

A look at the 401 bridge from the Don Valley golf course. This is where I played the final round of my golf league. It's pretty funny to play golf right in the middle of the city.  You really feel like you're out in nature! For more bridges, visit Sunday Bridges.

Black and white reflections

A look at the Distillery District by night. I love the lights in black and white! For more reflections, take a look at Weekend Reflections.

Blue skies over Casa Loma

I've shown you flowers from the gardens at Casa Loma and luckily I got to visit the actual Casa recently with out of town visitors. It's a huge house and there's lots to see inside. It's almost too much, but it was fun and interesting, especially since we did an "Upstairs, Downstairs" tour.

Friday is finally here. The movers are packing up our things and they will be back on Monday to load the container. The big day is quickly approaching! For more skies, take a look at Skywatch.

Verdant view

A look at the Niagara River. Isn't all that green splendid? I will really miss summers in Ontario!

Pure old-fashioned

Of course I had to make a stop in Niagara-on-the-Lake during my recent trip to the falls. I love a brick building with a painted sign on the side. I don't know if it's actually old or just looks old, but it's neat whatsoever. Happy Wednesday - tomorrow is my last day of work! For more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

Electrical development

I took one last trip to Niagara Falls recently. This time I actually caught a few things I'd never seen before, including this beautiful old building. Hope you enjoy - my time in Toronto is really coming quickly to a close.

Many faiths

I found this colorful beauty at the intersection of Church and Shuter. I looked for some more information online and found that it is part of the Paint Your Faith project that encourages young people to express their spiritual beliefs through an artistic medium. For more murals from all over the world, visit Monday Mural.


Anyone who knows me will know where this shot was taken... on the golf course! I can't resist a good reflection, but my playing season is over as my clubs have already been shipped to Berlin. For more reflections, take a look at Weekend Reflections.
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