Red 123

I have always wanted a bright, red door on my home. Guess I'll have to keep dreaming, but I loved this one that leads to a friends house that I visited not long ago.

Station art

I found this bright, geometric mural inside the Saint Clair West subway station. The colors and angles really appeal to me. I think it's really nice that the TTC tries to make the stations look nice, it's a small touch but it can make a difference for those who commute every day.

Snowy chapel

A little chapel found by the side of a country road outside Uxbridge, Ontario.

As it turns out, this chapel has also been photographed by another Ontario blogger, Andy. Although he caught it in a sunnier season.

On set: part two

After being in the studio audience for Steve and Chris, I decided to try another Canadian talk show. This past Thursday I got to see the live broadcast of the Marilyn Denis show. It was a lot of fun and as a bonus, we all got tickets to the International Design Fair in Toronto. Guess you know where I'll be this weekend!

Canadian stage

Last weekend my husband and I went to our first theater performance in Toronto. We chose the Canadian premier of the Tony award-winning play Caroline or Change. It was excellent! The cast was really strong and I also liked the many-leveled set. In fact, I can't think of anything I didn't like. If this show ever comes your way, I highly recommend it!

Indian night

As I mentioned before, my husband and I are taking a cooking course through the Toronto School Board. It meets every Tuesday evening for nine weeks. So far it's been quite fun and I've gotten some new ideas for recipes and have improved my basic kitchen skills. 

We visit a different type of cuisine every week, this is a look at our Indian night. You have mango chutney, fragrant rice, yogurt and mint sauce, red lentil dal, chana masala, aloo gobi, vegetable pakura and onion nests. It was all delicious!!

New prices

Prices on the TTC have gone up. It used to be that you could get four tokens for $10 or eight for $20. Now you get three for $7.80 or seven for $18.20. What I don't understand is why they don't just say that on the machine - $20 + $1.80 change just seems a bit confusing to me. Ah well, just another one of the mysteries of how this city is run.

To see more signs, which may or may not be confusing(!), check out Signs, Signs.


Lakeridge also offers tubing, which is basically sledding down the hill in an inner tube. We saw mostly kids coming down, but there were a few adults, so I guess I wouldn't have to feel too ashamed to try it.

This is how they get back up the hill. Pretty neat idea!

The slopes

Here's a look at the a couple of the actual slopes at Lakeridge Ski Resort. As you can see, the snow is man-made and shot out of those cannons, meaning that you can ski every weekend in the winter. The lifts are in the background on the left, there are apparently a couple of other slopes on the other side of the hill as well. I am guessing that's where most of the skiers were as the parking lot and chalet were quite full!

Beam me up!

Here's another look at the local ski slopes. This is the jardin d'enfants where kids (and sometimes adults) learn pizza (snow plow) and fries (skis parallel) and other skiing basics before hitting the real slopes. A convenient little conveyor belt takes them from the bottom back up to the top. Much easier than the t-bars I used when I had my ski lessons back in Europe!


The neighbor's mietz often comes by to pay me a visit. I can hardly resist when he looks at me through the door like that. When the weather is nicer, I often sit on the porch and give him a nice rub, he's a pretty friendly fellow. I sometimes wonder if his owners feed him enough or if he just likes to get some extra treats by making the rounds of the cat lovers on the block.

You can see more furry friends at Camera Critters.

Monochrome skyline

Here's a look at the Hamilton skyline from the days when there was still foliage. We got a pretty good snowfall yesterday, but it looks like the forecast for today will be fine. Sunny, but cold - that's how I like my winter weather. Just please hold back on the snow!

To see more monochrome shots from around the world, visit the Weekend in Black and White.

Snowy scene

The snow in my neighborhood has all melted. So far we've had an incredibly mild winter here in Toronto.  I am certainly not complaining about that! If I want to see some white stuff, I can always drive up to Uxbridge where this shot was taken.

Please wait here

I visited one of the "ski resorts" around Toronto this past weekend. I am not really an avid skier, but I wanted to see what the "slopes" are like and from what I saw, I think I could handle these! Guess I won't have to wait on this bench while my husband enjoys the hillsides without me.

To see more signs from around the world, visit Signs, Signs.

Center ice

I've shown you a few shots from the new Loblaws downtown which has taken over the Maple Leaf Gardens center (former home of the Toronto Leafs). I thought you might be interested to know that the shopping chain is preserving the building's history in many ways, including having the former "center ice" spot being marked with a nice, bright dot. So here I am, right in the thick of it all!

Delicious dinner

I did some cooking this weekend and here's a look at the results. It's a butternut squash stew with whole wheat couscous. And yes, it was delicious! Hope your weekend was nice too.

Stone reflections

Sometimes the simplest scenes make the best shots. Something about this stone jutting out into the water attracted me. I found this scene at the G Ross Lord park back in October. Needless to say, the scene would probably be a bit icier in this season. 

For more reflections, take a look at Weekend Reflections.

Building details

This strange fellow watches over everyone who enters the Central Technical school which I showed you yesterday. While the exterior looks nice, the interior could do with some renovations, especially the bathrooms. I'll try to get a shot for you one of these days. It's really a blast into the past.

October moonrise

This shot actually comes from my October archives, so don't think we've got green trees going on up here! After looking through my blog, it seems I failed to post it and I think it deserves to be seen (and I am also desperately low on current shots). 

This is Central Technical School on Bathurst Street. I started taking a night course there back in the fall semester and have decided to continue doing for another nine weeks this winter. I've made some friends there and I really enjoy the class and the teacher. When you're not working, it's good to keep occupied! 

PS: If you look in the right hand corner above the building, you'll see the moonrise. To see more skies from around the world visit my travel blog and Skywatch

PPS: Happy Friday the 13th. Don't forget to buy a lottery ticket!


A look inside one of the Toronto subway cars. This is one of the older models, the new ones are totally open, - you can walk all the way from the front of the train to the back. Next time I get on one of those cars, I'll have to get a shot. Hope you enjoy the old-style cars for now.

Puttin' on the ritz

The Ritz-Carlton put it on for the holiday season. I really liked the sparkly trees, they were pretty and tasteful. I think it's about time for me to get out and shoot some new material though. Is there any limit on how late into the new year you can show holiday decorations?

Fancy fence

You'll find this one downtown near city hall. I love these kinds of wrought iron fences and I found this one especially nice.

I've got more shots from my recent cruise. Stop by my travel blog and take a look!

Touch of green

More from inside Ryerson. Some of the walls have an unexpected touch of bright color. I rather like it!

PS: I still have photos from my recent cruise up on my travel blog. Stop by for a peek!

Ryerson in monochrome

Here is another lounge area inside the new film building. This one is found along the left side of the building (if you're looking at my previous shot). Yesterday's lounge was actually more of a closed, office type space where students can hold meetings or auditions for their projects. It would be on the right side of the building (again if you're looking at my previous shot).

All of those glass window lounges and offices were added on as part of the renovation. They sort of just added a little bit of extra space around the perimeter and made it more modern-looking with the addition of all the big windows. Pretty neat idea!
You can see more shots from monochrome maniacs at the Weekend in Black and White.

Ryerson reflections

I actually visited Ryerson before the holidays, hence the Christmas lights outside. I caught this shot in one of the student lounges which line the front of the building. I think it's really nice that the students get the nice view, usually the professors and faculty get the prime office space, but I guess Ryerson thinks differently. That's a change for the better in my books!

If you'd like to see more reflections, take a look at Weekend Reflections.

Ryerson by night

Ryerson University is well-known for its film and media departments. This is the film building which has only recently reopened after undergoing an expansion and renovation. I was able to take a tour inside with one of the faculty and it's quite impressive. It also looks neat at night when it glows!

PS: There are still more photos to see on my travel blog. You know you want to look!

Police headquarters

You'll find these benches and statue in downtown Toronto in front of the Metropolitan Police Headquarters building. I wonder how many people dare to sit on the benches outside a police station. I don't think I would!

PS: I've got more shots up on my travel blog from my holiday cruise.


I do most of my shopping at Loblaws or it's larger sister store - The Real Canadian Superstore. They have a great selection and are always clean and well-organised.

If you like this sign, you might enjoy taking a look at Signs, Signs.

Nice mice

These little mice are made of chocolate, almonds and licorice. They were also on the menu for the bake sale which I helped out with back in December. I showed you the cookies we worked on last month. These little guys are almost too cute to eat though!

PS: I've got some photos from my recent trip up on my travel blog. Stop by and take a look!

By night

I wanted to show some holiday shots before I left T-town to celebrate, but I didn't have the time to program everything. I hope you'll enjoy this nighttime view of the skating rink downtown. I posted a daytime view of this spot a few weeks ago. I was lucky enough to catch the Zamboni making some new ice for the skaters. Fun times!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had wonderful holiday and my best wishes to you for a 2012 filled with joy, love and success!
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