Lonely sign of spring

Spring seems to be having trouble starting up here in Toronto. This lone little tree is the only sign of something living I've seen. The trees in my neighborhood are still bare, my tulips haven't sprung and things are just generally pretty bleak. It's supposed to warm up this weekend, let's hope that brings some life to this city!

Bright benches

Sorry I've been a bit out of commission lately, but the (fairly) new job is still keeping me quite busy. Since I haven't had much time to shoot anything new, here's a look at some benches outside a fast food joint in Niagara Falls. I love the bright red of those benches. But the best part of this photo is the fake owl on the upper left corner to keep the pigeons at bay. For more red, visit Ruby Tuesday.

PS: I've been posting more regularly on my Travel Blog as I've got plenty of new shots to showcase over there. Please stop by and take a look.
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