Bye bye!

It's off into the sunset for me! Before making the big move overseas, I will be spending some relaxing time on the beaches of Australia.

Be on the lookout for a new Berlin Daily Photo blog at the beginning of November. Although I will probably keep this blog up for awhile too since I've still got plenty of unshared shots. Until then, I may be posting sporadically on my travel blog, but it will depend on how the internet connections are in the "land down under" and how motivated I am to post! 

Ta ta for now and see you soon mates!

October theme day: Details

So this is what my house looked like yesterday just before the movers came and loaded it all up into the container. I can't believe my chapter in Canada is really coming to a close. It all seems a little unreal right now. Hope your month and week are off to a good start, for more interpretations of Details from around the world, click here.
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