Canadian duck

This guy was seen last September near the waterfront. I hope he's keeping warm right now! Getting used to the cold up here is not going to be easy.


Cezar and Léia said...

oh sweetie, you are already there!
I'm sending you love and good energies, I'm so happy for you both!
It's a kind of new start, isn't it?
I'm always dreaming about to visit one day Canada and for sure Toronto!
Good luck for you and your husband, all the best in your lives there!

Jack said...

Ah, yes, a Canadian duck. I would know that immediately.

Andy said...

He needs a passport if flying to the USA:-)

Lois said...

It will be quite a change!

Paul in Powell River said...

Actually, she's a she! - a female Mallard. And welcome to Canada.

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