Creepy tree

I sort of like the way it looks. I sure hope the leaves will come out soon!

Adresse erotique

I was intrigued by this building number. I thought it looked even better in black and white.

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Big window reflections

Big cities are wonderful places for reflection photos. I love how you can see the whole building across the street in those big windows. 

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Number 49

A very fancy doorway. I wonder what's inside number 49. Probably offices!

Round and square

The Saint Lawrence Market is a popular spot downtown on the weekends. What caught my eye were the round and square windows. And of course, the lovely brick!

Caught in a web

An old church downtown. I don't recall its name, but maybe a reader can help me? I know the tram lines above are not so attractive, but I like the way they look somehow, like they're weaving a web above the city.

Pot reflections

This restaurant window made for some interesting reflections. It's a Korean resto which I'd love to try sometime! I love those long tables and the copper pots are rather intriguing. 

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Wall art

A tile painting on the walls of the Saint Lawrence Market hall. They do have some good breads there... and cheeses too! Just about everything to make my husband and I feel at home.

PS: Happy Saint Patty's day to my readers!

Number 30

A doorway in downtown Toronto. I believe this one led to a restaurant of some kind. Looks fancy!

I am featuring a series of orchids this week on my travel blog. Stop by and take a look. I am always cheered by flowers.

The view

This was the view I was telling you about yesterday. It was not easy to say no to this house!

House hunting

This is one of the houses we visited during our session this weekend. It's a great location, this deck and those huge windows look right out onto Lake Ontario. The house has a lot of potential, but it also needs a lot of work. Think we'll have to pass it by. The search continues...

Shopping reflections

Reflections in one of the main shopping areas downtown. This photo was taken back in September, but we're supposed to have sun this weekend. I'll be in Toronto again for our second round of house hunting. Wish me luck!

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Another view

This is a view from a different room at the same hotel from yesterday. This shot was taken in September on our first trip (together) to Toronto. The hotel has nice views from any side.

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Filmores view

This was the night view from my hotel room where my husband and I stayed on our last visit  together to Toronto. I couldn't decide on the color or black and white version. 

Which do you prefer?

And don't forget to take a peek at my travel blog. I'm featuring the Chateaux de la Loire all week!

Enjoying a fall day

A man and his grandson enjoy a day by the lake back in September. I'm sure this view looks quite different today!

Don't forget to check out my travel blog, I'm doing a series on the Chateaux de la Loire this week. You'll love it!

Building reflections

Reflections of downtown Toronto. To see more reflections from around the world, visit Weekend Reflections.

Although my CDP blog is not quite yet daily, you can still see a daily shot from my travels here.

View from the water

A look at some waterfront residential towers. Probably a nice place to live, but I still prefer a little more space.

My daily photo blog is going to be more occasional for awhile. Unfortunately, we didn't get the house we wanted in Pickering and I am going to have to stay at my job in Jackson until the end of March. Once I get into Toronto full-time, things will get up to speed.

March theme day: Favorite place

I have not been in Toronto long enough to have a favorite part of town. So I thought I'd show you the whole city, from above! Tell me, what's not to love about a city like this?

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