Creepy crawly

I found this guy hanging out (literally) in my yard not too long ago. He seems like an appropriate spokesperson for a Halloween post. Hope your evening is filled with sweet treats without a hint of nasty tricks, which reminds me I still haven't bought anything to hand out to the little ghouls and goblins. I'd better get on that! Happy Halloween!!


I think Chickie was giving me the evil eye. She didn't want me stealing her man, although from the looks of things, she has to share him with quite a few other hens. I met Chickie at the Riverdale Farm, it's the same place I caught my porcine friends smooching

Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend. It's NOT snowing in Toronto, so we are headed to the golf course.

Old time theater

I guess the marquee is dating this photo a bit, but I was looking through my archives and realized I never showed this one. I love old movie theaters and I believe this one has been transformed into a live theater. A good way to recycle, I think! 

Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far. If you'd like to see more black and white shots, visit the Weekend in Black and White. And I've still got some stuff to show you from the Air Zoo on my travel blog.

Storm brewing

Dark clouds on the horizon promise an evening of thunder and rain. Luckily we were able to finish our round of golf before they blew in. To see more skies from around the world, visit Skywatch.

PS: You should take a peek at my travel blog. I've been featuring old planes from the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It's a fascinating place to visit!

Floating flowers

I like the way these flower pots seem to be floating atop this fountain. A nice touch!

Homelike dining

This sign gave me a little chuckle. Perhaps I should have gone inside to see if the dining room was indeed homelike. If you'd like to see more funny signs from around the world, visit Signs, Signs.

Fire brigade

When I lived in Mississippi, our town had yellow fire trucks. That just never sat right with me. So I'm very glad to see the fire trucks in Toronto are traditional red! For more red shots from around the world, visit Ruby Tuesday.

Staying in

I would love to stay in a place like this, even if it was just for a night. This little Inn in Cobourg looked so cozy. Hopefully it's not just the look! Have you ever stayed in an inn or a bed and breakfast? A castle or an old plantation home? I've always wanted to...


I found this mix of flowers and an old cannon rather odd, but quite beautiful nonetheless. Hope you are enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday!

Washed up

A log washed up on the beach of Lake Ontario. Water can be a powerful force, it washes things up and then washes them away. I wonder if this log has succumbed.

To see more monochrome shots, visit the Weekend in Black and White.

Look up

I love looking up, especially when I have my camera in hand. This building really spoke to me. I can't resist a red brick beauty and I love all those windows with the detailing above. If you'd like to look up some more, visit Skywatch.

From my garden

I planted these beautiful hybrid dahlias in my flower boxes this year. Perhaps next year I will try a different spot as they didn't have a chance to get so big. Their color was gorgeous though. I noticed plenty of people walking by this summer also stopped to take a look at the colors in my garden.

Dominion doorway

Here's a look at one of the entrances to the Dominion building. I've shown it to you in reflection before.

All the windows and doors have a cute little beaver hanging out above them. I love those details!

How about a kiss

I found these two friends at the Riverdale Farm. It's a fun place to spend an afternoon and if you go on Tuesdays, there's a lovely open-air market with organic produce. Oink, oink!

Glorious harmony

My husband gave me the inspiration for this shot's title. It was a beautiful day for golf (and a bit of photography) at Silver Lakes.  I'm just sad this great weather probably won't last much longer.


A tree trunk full of nooks and crannies. Perfect for monochrome! To see more black and white shots from around the world, visit the Weekend in Black and White.

Glad for glads

I had very good results with gladiolas in my garden in Jackson. I would plant the beauties in June or July and know they'd open in August. And they always came back - usually bigger and better. I was really sad to leave my garden behind when we came here to Toronto, so I thought some glads would be a nice reminder. I planted twelve of them in my new garden, but I think June was a little too late. Only two of them have bloomed, and it's only been recently. I'm still going to enjoy them while I can though! And I'll know to put them in earlier next year.


The sun looks nice and shiny reflected in the windows of this building downtown. And nothing beats a blue sky. Hope your weekend is off to a sunny start! To see more skies from around the world, visit Skywatch.

Cobourg town hall

Here's a peek inside Cobourg's town hall, which is also known as Victoria Hall. I showed you the town's coat-of-arms earlier this week. You can also see the design at the back of this courtroom.

PS: I've been featuring some shots from Saugatuck, Michigan on my travel blog this week. Get over there and take a look. It's one of those lovely Victorian towns on Lake Michigan. I know you'll like it!

Please don't

Believe me, you don't want to drive your golf cart up and over those moguls. The bumpy terrain on its own is enough to cause motion sickness at times! You are still welcome to wait your turn to tee off on this inviting bench though. To see more signs from around the world, visit Signs, Signs.

ETA: Moguls are those lines of little hills, normally you find them on ski slopes. After looking at this photo again, I guess you don't see them that well from this view point. 

Red door

A fancy red door comes to you from downtown Toronto. I found this just around the corner from the Hockey Hall of Fame. Don't know if they're related, but I definitely like the shade of this door. To see more red items from around the world, visit Ruby Tuesday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From my understanding, the Canadian tradition is to cook and serve the turkey the weekend before Thanksgiving. So we had our big show last night. 

Here's what was on the menu: turkey stuffed with white-bread sage dressing, German-style potato salad, red cabbage with apples, green beans, turkey gravy, rolls and to top it off, pumpkin pie with French vanilla ice cream. It was a feast! Hope my fellow Canadian readers are having a wonderful Thanksgiving.

City shield

A look at the coat-of-arms for the city of Cobourg. It was right inside the City Hall. I like the colors and those fierce lions. Tomorrow is Canadian thanksgiving, but we are having our turkey dinner tonight. I'll try to remember to get some shots of the bird before he's devoured.

Beach scene

A beach scene in black and white. I don't typically like seagulls, but when they're on the beach where they're meant to be (and not stealing food from my plate at Sea World), I don't mind them as much. To see more monochrome shots from around the world, visit the Weekend in Black and White.

Jeweled reflections

That's the Dominion Building you see reflected in this jeweller's window. A perfect reflection! To see more of them, take a look at Weekend Reflections.

Pork prizes

I realized that I had neglected to show you the trophies from the RibFest. The citations you see here all belong to one stand, although it seemed each of them had a similar display of honors.

I'm not sure what makes one stand's pork products better than another's. But the wealth of pig-themed trophies does make for an interesting display!

Shiny wall

I love taking public transport. Although I have to admit for a city the size of Toronto, I don't think their system is very good. But the two subway lines we have will get you to the main spots downtown. I live on the yellow line and I often use the underground to get to the Spadina stop. I got this shiny shot with my iPhone.

If you'd like to take a look at more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

Monochrome Mufasa

I found this statue in front of a hotel downtown. It reminds me of King Mufasa from The Lion King somehow. He's pretty fierce.

Union station

I have shown you a few other views of Union Station here and there, but here's a look at the main hall when you come in through the grand entrance. It's a lovely old building with lots of photographic possibilities. I think it lends itself especially well to black and white shots.

PS: I have changed the look on my Travel Blog, stop by and let me know what you think.

The forest for the trees

I found this wooded area at the Silver Lakes golf club. What a lovely place to get some shots in  - golf and photographic. This one reminds me of the works of Ansel Adams. Sometimes the most simple landscapes are the best.

To see more black and white beauty from around the world, visit the Weekend in Black and White.

October theme day: Mystery object

Remember I promised to show you the inside of Honest Ed's a few weeks ago? Well, here it is! 

It's a mystery to me why someone would want a giant cuckoo clock with a moosehead as the centerpiece. I guess Ed had a different sense of style than I do. To be honest,  I also think it's better letting what's inside the store remain a mystery. I have to admit, the mystique of what's behind those sparkly signs has been lost. Ah well...

To see more mysterious objects from around the world, visit the CDP October Theme Day. And I have a bonus mystery object for you on my travel blog.
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