Swedish reflections

The entrance to this store will be familiar to anyone who lives in a big city. When I lived in Paris, I spent countless hours at Ikea. In Toronto, not as much, but it's still a good place to find that one piece of furniture or accessory you lack. And I definitely like the reflections afforded by the large windows.

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Name change

It's the end of an era... the Halcion Bug is no more. Just call me BLAL from now on.

House of necessity

The doorway to this little hut can be a welcome sight on the golf course! I really like the way they've decorated this one with flowers and such. Makes it a little more inviting.

Fountain of memories

A lovely fountain inside the Memorial Gardens at the York Cemetery. You can have your name and a short poem inscribed on one of the boulders around this water feature. I think that's a nice way to be remembered.

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Doesn't this look like the perfect place to relax? It has been unbearably hot and humid here in Toronto, even more so than in Mississippi, if you can believe that! We should be getting some relief today though. It's only going to be 30c.

Woody water

I f ind nature shots often look even better in black and white. I hope you'll agree on this one, at least! Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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Wildflowers on a hill

Don't they look beautiful against that blue sky? To check out more skies from around the world, visit Skywatch. And I also have a bonus look at the skies over Athens on my travel blog.


I like the look of this walkway. It was found outside the Scarborough Town Centre, a large shopping mall on the east side of Toronto.

Fancy sign

The name of this restaurant gave me a little chuckle. I didn't check it out to see if it truly was fancy, maybe another time. To see more signs from around the world, check out Signs, Signs.

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Charming barn

I found this abandoned barn on the edge of the Sunnybrae golf course in Port Perry. It was really lovely. To see more barns, check out Barn Charm.

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Gulls on the green

Canada geese were common visitors to the greens on our course in Jackson, but seagulls are something different!

Downtown details

Details from the overhang of a building downtown. I thought it looked even better in monochrome. 

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The Links

This was the signature hole at The Links golf course near Wasaga Beach. We played there a couple of weeks ago and as the name implies, it's a true links course. It's also truly tough! We lost alot of balls, but had some fun too. 

PS: Enjoy the bonus bench. And I'm on to Athens on my travel blog.

Emergency exit

I love fire stations, especially the ones in Toronto.  They're just so classically, fire station-ish. This one even comes with a bonus bench! A few minutes before snapping this shot, there were actual firefighters making use of it.

Summer at the lake

Lake Huron has some beautiful beaches, including Wasaga Beach. It's about a two hour drive from where we live in Toronto. We played a round of golf in town a few weekends ago, but we should definitely get back for some swimming soon!

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Wooden bench

Another one of the many benches you'll find in and around the GTA. I find the variety of seating options in the city quite surprising!


In the US, we get crackers from barrels. In Canada, it's pickles. I must admit, I've never eaten at either restaurant. Perhaps I need to change that.

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More green

Another shot from the Legends course at Lionhead. I'll be in Oklahoma this weekend where hopefully I am going to become an aunt. And also play some golf.

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Tasty doorway

Now this is my kind of shop! Unfortunately, they are closed on Sundays. The day we've tried to visit both times my husband and I had a craving for some good chocolate.

The TV/Internet guys showed up yesterday and got me hooked up. Everything is running smooth so far. I think this connection is even faster than what we had in Jackson.

Patriotic blooms

Canada didn't actually have its own flag until 1965. Before that date, they used what is called the Red Ensign. I found an example of one at York Cemetary on a military grave.

PS: My internet connection is coming today! And there are more photos from my Mediterranean cruise up on my travel blog.

Happy Independence Day!

These fireworks are actually from the Canada Day fireworks extravaganzy in Mel Lastman Square. Canada Day in July first, so it's quite handy the two national holidays are so close timewise. Hope my American friends are enjoying a long weekend. Eat some baked beans for me.

July theme day: Green

This is the number one tee at the Lionhead Legends golf course. The men tee off from this ridge and have to get over all that scrub and water to make it to the fairway. Not an easy task, but it was plenty green!

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PS: Happy Canada Day!!!
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