Blue Waters Bridge

I spent an unexpected weekend in Sarnia, Ontario a few weeks back. My husband and I had planned to cross this bridge to pass the weekend in Detroit, but car troubles kept us on the Canadian side. It was fun exploring the city on foot. And you can certainly see why this border crossing is called the Blue Waters Bride - a more apt name couldn't be found! For more bridges, take a look at Sunday Bridges.

The Tritons

I pass this sculpture every time I go to Yorkdale Mall and I always mean to get a photo of it. So the last time I was there, I actually did! The dramatic sky makes an interesting background for these figures who appear to be floating. Hope you have big plans for the weekend. Happy Friday! 

For more skies, check out Skywatch.

Saint Patrick

A look at one of the subway stations on the (limited) network of Toronto. You can't really tell from this photo, but the tiles in this station are an ugly green colour. Although it's not a nice green, no other colour will do for Saint Patty's!

Old City Hall

I love the look of Toronto's Old City Hall. It is now used as a courthouse. Although you can visit inside, you can't take photos. But there's lots of nice photo opportunities from the outside!

Sweet rest

Young Jim Logan has been resting in this spot  in Hamilton Cemetery since 1937. A very nice tribute to him from his loving wife, Evelyn. For more cemetery shots, visit Tapophile Tragics.

Tree of life

I found this mural painted on the wall just inside the Brandt House. I'm not sure what the significance of it is, but I think it might have something to do with the summer camps they host there as the names on the leaves were quite modern. In any case, it's a nice welcome to the museum! For more murals, take a look at Monday Murals.

Sunbathing swans

A look back at summer on the Toronto islands. Those swans and ducks seem to be enjoying the wonderful weather. I must admit, I wouldn't mind flying south for the winter! For more reflections, take a look at Weekend Reflections.

Pillars of Justice

I found the Pillars of Justice in downtown Toronto near the courthouse. There are actually only eleven jurors standing together, but you can see a space for the twelfth - that's the space for you! I rather like this idea of interactive art. Lots of people like to take their photo with the statue and I think that's a great sign of success for this piece of public art.


This is my favourite shot from The Ex. It's hard to explain exactly what the zipper is - but let's just say it's not for the faint of stomach! Hope you've got some nice plans for the weekend. It looks like mine is going to include quite a bit of rain.


The ferris wheel is a fair classic. I love the lights and color against the night sky!

Heart attack on a stick

These days a fair isn't complete without a fried food stand. I've never tried the deep fried butter, but I've heard it's delicious. I just can't fathom eating a stick of butter though.

If you're in the mood - you can get the grand slam deal for only $35. I think my arteries will thank me for not trying it! For more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

Fun times!

I don't like getting on the rides at the fair, but they make for great photography subjects! For more red, take a look at Ruby Tuesday.

Tagged wall

I consider this more of a tagging than an artistic mural, but I have to admit I rather like the bright colors. Misk is apparently somewhat of a known artist. I guess there are worse things to look at in a dirty old laneway off Spadina! For more murals, visit Mural Mondays.

Colorful benches

The Canadian National Exhibition - known locally as The Ex - took place in Toronto a few weeks ago. I had a free ticket, so I took a quick stroll through the grounds where I found this lineup of colorful benches. The Ex is comparable to a state fair in the US - there are carnival rides, animal showings and of course, plenty of fried food! Check back in the coming days to see more of the fair fun!

Lingerie and bike

Sometimes a reflection can be rather amusing. Like this lingerie shop that looks like it has a bike parked in the window. You'll find this shop on Queen Street West and apparently they have live models for their wares in the afternoons! For more reflections, take a look at Weekend Reflections.

This year's dahlias

Last year I planted these beauties in a flower box, this year I put them in a bed. They did grow a bit taller in the bed, but still not as big as traditional dahlias. But I adore these flowers and that bright orange however high they get! Hope you have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend. For more flowers, take a look at Floral Friday Fotos.

Brant's bust

I happened to find this bust of Joseph Brant when we visited Ottawa this past summer. It was sort of funny because once I had been to his former home, it seemed like he was popping up everywhere! He looks pretty strong and proud here.

More from Brant House

The most interesting room inside the Joseph Brant Museum was the fashion display. I love looking at the fashions of times gone by. These dresses are from the Edwardian Age.

The shoes are also fun to look at, although I don't know if people had more narrow feet back then or if they just had to live in pain all the time! Although I like taking a look back in time, I'm still glad I live in the modern days. For more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

Noble savage home

This is the home of Joseph Brant or Thayendanegea as he was known to his people. His native American heritage gave him an important role to play in the War of 1812; he served as a liaison between the British and the Iriqois League. Many Europeans considered him to be the perfect example of the Noble Savage due to the influences of his stepfather and his European-style education. I found his personal history to be very interesting and I've heard alot about him since visiting his former home. Especially since it's the 200 year anniversary of the War of 1812.


I found this mural on the side of the building which hosts Manifesto. It's a non-profit organization working to promote music and arts in Toronto. I love the innocent children exploring and enjoying the city and the bright  colours. Hope your week is off to a great start! To see more murals, take a look at Mural Mondays.

Golf course causeway

I like the idea of having a causeway over the fescue at a golf course! I found this example at the Grey Silo course in Waterloo, ON. I was actually there for an LPGA tournament earlier this summer. I even got to meet and greet with the German golfer, Sandy Gal. I try to root for her when I watch the women's events. If you'd like to see more bridges, visit Sunday Bridges.

Dry punchbowl

Since it seems I neglected to show you the actual "punch bowl" here it is! Unfortunately, we had a very dry spring and summer here in Ontario and this waterfall didn't have water when I visited. It's still rather spectacular to see though! 

You'll find this fall in Hamilton, Ontario - a city well-known for it's falls. I hope next year they will be a bit more waterfull.

Punchbowl barn

I'm not sure if I ever showed any shots of the dry Devil's Punch Bowl falls, but here's a look at a small farmer's market type store that bears its name. I would have loved to buy one of those beautiful hanging baskets, but I settled on some homemade banana bread instead!

Hope everyone has great plans for the weekend. It's going to be a wet one here in Ontario. Maybe that's a good sign for me to get back to the gym.

Bad up-close

A closer look at the Badlands. I don't know what causes those silver stripes, but they sure look neat. Even after the long weekend and the short week, I'm ready for the weekend. So bring it on!

Big bargains

I pass this sign quite often on Queen Street East and I always think I should take a picture of it. So this time I finally did! Hope you find it as funny as I do. For more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

Big and bad

Ever since I saw the Cheltenham Badlands on a fellow Ontatrian's blog, I knew I had to visit this place! I was actually here back in June, but somehow my shots got overlooked. In any case, hope you enjoy this view - it's even more spectacular in person. I may show a few more detail shots this week. It's a fascinating place to visit.

PS: Happy Labour Day!!!

People watching

This shot was my runner-up for yesterday's theme day post. It seems this man is enjoying some people watching of his own! Hope you're having a nice weekend, for us North Americans it's a long one. And yes, the end of summer is nigh. Sigh...

Confidential to my brother: Happy birthday!

September theme day: People watching

I love to do a little people watching inside the subway. I actually caught this shot back in July when the Olympics were still on. There were maple leaves almost everywhere in support of Canadian athletes. I'm not sure these people had the Olympics on their minds as they were waiting for the subway, but who knows? Perhaps some of them have Olympic dreams of their own!

It's the first of the month again. If you'd like to see more contributions to the CDP Theme Day, click here. I've also go a bonus people shot on my travel blog.
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