Parkette bench

Here's a last look at the Portuguese Parkette. I love the way the designers have incorporated this stone bench into the landscaping. 

The parkette also included a nice little fountain to honor the pioneers. This little parkette really squeezes a lot in! I hope you have enjoyed the tour.

Walk of fame

I guess I'm sort of on a Portuguese roll, so why not continue? Here's the Wall of Fame that I was telling you about last week

As you can see, it only includes three people and of those three I only know one, Nelly Furtado. But there's lots of open space left so hopefully more Canadians of Portuguese descent will be added to this wall in the years to come.

Portuguese mural

As promised, here's a closer look at the Portuguese Parkette that I showed briefly last week. There was a wonderful blue and white tile mural showing some of the historical moments of the Portuguese arrival in Canada. I upped the contrast on the top shot so the picture is more clear.

And here's a look at the mural in perspective. It's just near a bust of Portugues poet, Louis de Camoes. I'm not sure what he has to do with Portuguese-Canadians, but I guess all the greats of literature deserve a bust here and there! For more murals, take a look at Monday Mural.

From my garden...

I never had very good luck with zinnias, but this year I've hit the jackpot! A plethora of "volunteer" flowers have bloomed in my beds. I probably have the birds to thank for that. 

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have some nice plans for the weekend. Mine is going to include un peu de francais.

Gardens of Casa Loma

The fantastic gardens at Casa Loma could really have a whole week dedicated to them alone! I still haven't visited the inside of Casa Loma, but if it's anything like outside it must be worth a look. Until I get there, enjoy these beauties from their garden.

Portugese parkette

This little "parkette" found off College Street in Toronto is dedicated to the Portugese Pioneers who helped build Canada. It was very nicely manicured with lots of colorful plants and flowers. There was even a (very small) wall of fame! I'll show you more another time, for now you can see more signs at Signs, Signs.

Pink peony

I found this beauty in the garden of one of the many golf courses I've visited this year. This magnificent blossom is a double bloom peony, if I'm not mistaken. I love that shade of pink and the fresh rain drops don't hurt either. If you enjoy flowers, check back tomorrow. I'm doing a floral series this week.

Groovy lady

I'm going on a floral kick this week. What better way to start it off than with a mural of a cool chic who likes to wear flowers in her hair? Hope you agree and that you'll be back to see more flowers. For more murals, take a look at Monday Murals.

Always take the time...

To stop and smell the roses!

I don't think I've ever regretting taking a few moments to smell (and photograph) a beautiful rose. Hope your weekend has been a good one. It finally cooled down a bit here in Toronto and I got a few rounds of relaxing golf in. A very nice way to spend the weekend. Now if there just wasn't that pesky work to get in the way of the next one!

The Ark of the Torah

This is the Ark of the Torah where the Torah scrolls are kept. There is a little curtain that can be pulled back to expose the scrolls or to take them out for reading. This little tour of the Kiever Shul concludes my Doors Open Toronto tour. I hope you have enjoyed it!

Blue skies over the temple

A look at the outside of the Kiever Shul, luckily it was a bright sunny day! This synagogue was opened in 1914 by Ukranian Jews. It has gone through some ups and downs in the days since, but the congregation seems to be growing these days even though they don't have a permanent Rabbi. 

Hope everyone has some great plans for the weekend. I am just hoping to keep cool! If you'd like to see more skies, take a look at Skywatch.

Holy reading

The last place I visited during Doors Open Toronto was the Kiever Shul. It was a lovely little temple tucked away in the Kensington Market area of Toronto. If only I could read Hebew!

Last stop

It's on to the final stop of my Doors Open tour. Come back tomorrow and I'll show you more! For more signs, take a look at Signs, Signs.

Soldiers Tower

I've got some more stained glass for you! This beautiful window is found inside the Soldiers Tower on the University of Toronto campus. It was also open during the recent Doors Open event.

And here are details from some of the other beautiful windows in the tower. They honor soldiers and as you can see, there are even some dedicated to women!

Perfect symmetry

There is a wonderful courtyard area at Hart House where you can dine al fresco and enjoy the sites like this work by Sorel Etrog. The perfect symmetry of this scene appealed to me, hope you enjoy it too!

On air

I believe I did mention the university radio station also broadcasts out of Hart House. Here's a look at one of the broadcast booths. It must be fun to work here as a disc jockey or host.

Hart House pool

My main reason for taking the Hart House tour was to see the art deco pool. However, I have to admit that I was severely disappointed. I have been to a few art deco pools in Europe and they were much more impressive (tilework, architectural details, etc), but I suppose I shouldn't compare the old world to the new! The skylights do make this a nice place for a swim, if you have the right membership card.

It's also unfortunate that the gallery area seems to double as a storage space so I couldn't get a shot without some lousy junk in it. But I guess that's how it goes - there are always some disappointments in life.

More windows!

More stained glass from my Doors Open tour of Hart House at the University of Toronto. I just couldn't resist!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you've got something nice planned for the weekend. I'm sure mine will probably include some golf.

Stop and sit for a spell

This wonderful sitting area inside Hart House looked so welcoming. I just love the light coming through the windows. A perfect place to curl up with a book - although the chairs don't look too comfy!

Confidential to my niece: Happy birthday!!!

Saint Andrews

Our tour also took us through the main dining hall where student diners are sometimes held. There was a large array of crests on the wall. I guess I don't need to explain why I was attracted to Saint Andrews. For more signs, visit Signs, Signs.

Gallery Grill

The Gallery Grill was one of my favorite spaces inside Hart House. This resto is noted for its delicious lunch and brunch menus and is open to the public. Sadly, it is closed for the summer right now, but I'd love to get back and sample some of the items on the menu. The atmosphere in the dining area is pretty special too. If you're seated to the left, you have a wonderful view out to the courtyard. And to the right you overlook the main dining hall. I'll show you a special detail from the hall tomorrow.

Where will it lead...

There was something I found very attractive about this hallway. Perhaps it's the lighting fixtures or the way the light seems to bounce off the wood floors and glow. I would have loved to see where this hallway would lead, but alas our tour did not take us this way.

Splash of color

Looking through my photos from Hart House, I have realized I have an inordinate amount of window shots! Here is another look at some of the stained glass that was on display. Luckily it was a bright, sunny day and the colors really popped.


Here's one last look at the Hart House library. I found it funny that this student would come to the library to watch a football (soccer) match. But I suppose times have changed since I was at school! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far. My bug seems to have cleared up and I'm looking forward to a round of golf later this afternoon.

More windows

These colorful stained glass windows were inside the Hart House library. The  students here probably don't take the time to appreciate their surroundings, but I certainly enjoyed taking a peek into this lovely little collection room. 

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you've got some great plans for the weekend. I'm still recovering from a little bug, but I hope to feel well enough for some golf tomorrow. Have a great one!

Looking out of Hart House

The next stop on Doors Open Toronto is Hart House on the University of Toronto campus. Hart House is sort of like a student union, but in the early days it was open to men only. Now any student can become a member to access things like the swimming pool and gym. There is also a study library, music rooms and the campus radio station broadcasts from here as well. There will be more of Hart House tomorrow!

PS: Happy Independence Day to my American readers!

Theatre crest

There were so many details at the Elgin - too many to catch them all! But I did like these two fairies holding a crest. I hope you've enjoyed this look inside the theatre, tomorrow it's on to another location that I visited during Doors Open. Until then, you can find more signs at Signs, Signs.

Vaudeville look

The flats were not the only vaudeville relics found during theatre renovations - there were also lots of lovely costumes. These two are recreations of some of the models that were found, but you can see some of the originals during the backstage tour.

July theme day: Theatrical facade

And we're back to the Elgin Wintergarden Theater! When the theatre was being renovated, they discovered lots of remnants from the vaudeville days, like this old flat. This garden backdrop would have been used for light, musical numbers. I can just imagine the ladies twirling a parasol and singing a light ditty in this scene. For more murals, take a look at Monday Murals and you'll see more interpretations of facades from around the world here.

PS: Happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers!
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